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Raven Quest

Banished! Tok, the best flyer of all the young ravens, faces a terrible fate. Falsely accused of murder, he must leave the Raven Mountains forever. If he ever returns, he will be put to death by those

ISBN10 : 0822563045 , ISBN13 : 9780822563044

Page Number : 320

Running The Books

Avi Steinberg is stumped. After defecting from yeshiva to Harvard, he has only a senior thesis essay on Bugs Bunny to show for his effort. While his friends and classmates advance in the world, he rem

ISBN10 : 0767931319 , ISBN13 : 9780767931311

Page Number : 399

The Wishing Trees

Almost a year after the death of his wife, former high-tech executive Ian finds a letter that will change his life. It contains Kate's final wish-a plea for him to take their ten-year-old daughter, Ma

ISBN10 : 1101459980 , ISBN13 : 9781101459980

Page Number : 368

Not Just A Witch

'I want you to change the next wicked person you see into a tiger,' demanded Lionel. 'A very large tiger.' Heckie is not just a witch - she's an animal witch, who wants to make the world a better plac

ISBN10 : 0330477722 , ISBN13 : 9780330477727

Page Number :

Lord Of The Desert

Sheltered small-town girl Gretchen Brannon was out of her element when she aligned herself with Sheikh Philippe Sabon, the formidable ruler of Qawi. They came from different worlds, yet she found a so

ISBN10 : 1459246969 , ISBN13 : 9781459246966

Page Number : 384

Jewish Meditation

Students of mediation are usually surprised to discover that a Jewish mediation tradition exists and that it was an authentic and integral part of mainstream Judaism until the eighteenth century. Jewi

ISBN10 : 0805210377 , ISBN13 : 9780805210378

Page Number : 165

Linear Systems Theory

Linear systems theory is the cornerstone of control theory and a well-established discipline that focuses on linear differential equations from the perspective of control and estimation. In this textb

ISBN10 : 140083189X , ISBN13 : 9781400831890

Page Number : 280

Married To The Bad Boy

"I didn't marry him out of love, nor because I liked him. I didn't marry him for his family money or wealth, or for popularity. Truth be told, I could care less about this guy and who he was. I Marrie

ISBN10 : 9781680307740 , ISBN13 : 1680307746

Page Number :