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The Wealth Of Humans

None of us has ever lived through a genuine industrial revolution. Until now. Digital technology is transforming every corner of the economy, fundamentally altering the way things are done, who does t

ISBN10 : 1466887192 , ISBN13 : 9781466887190

Page Number : 288

The Wealth Of Humans

'Ryan Avent is a superb writer ... highly readable and lively' Thomas Piketty To work is human. It puts food on the table, meaningfully structures our days, and strengthens our social ties. When work

ISBN10 : 0241201047 , ISBN13 : 9780241201046

Page Number : 288

Wealth And Power

Two leading experts on China evaluate its rise throughout the past one hundred fifty years, sharing portraits of key intellectual and political leaders to explain how China transformed from a country

ISBN10 : 0812976258 , ISBN13 : 9780812976250

Page Number : 478

Where Is The Wealth Of Nations?

The book presents estimates of total wealth for nearly 120 countries, using economic theory to decompose the wealth of a nation into its component pieces: produced capital, natural resources and human

ISBN10 : 0821363557 , ISBN13 : 9780821363553

Page Number : 188

Wealth And Poverty

Hailed as “the guide to capitalism,” the New York Times bestseller Wealth and Poverty by George F. Gilder is one of the most famous economic books of all time and has sold more than one million co

ISBN10 : 9781596988163 , ISBN13 : 1596988169

Page Number : 256

The Third Globalization

Given the powerfully negative and ongoing impact of the Great Recession on western economies, the question of whether historically wealthy nations-the US, Western European countries, Japan-can stay we

ISBN10 : 0199917841 , ISBN13 : 9780199917846

Page Number : 416